1. In January, I collaborated with Shirley Kurata and JUCO on an editorial for Paper Magazine. We actually concepted this project for about three months and did the final build in about two days.

     It’s always such a pleasure to work with JUCO but to have a hand in collaborating so close with Shirley was even more of a treat.

    I feel this is one project where all elements came together seamlessly, styling, lighting, photography and set design culminated for a cohesive story.  Which, is the best, telling stories through design.  

    A big hug to my super crew (which now includes my brother, Jim!!) for helping out, as usual. Eric Johnson is the man and Jamie Patterson is a boss. David Cortes even learned how to use a chop saw and my intern from Denmark, Joy, painted her little butt off. 

    For the full story see all images on my site

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